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Our guest Randi Goodman shares super helpful information on how to create/write your book and how multiple revenue streams are possible.

00:00 – GUEST BIO: Randi Goodman is a 4th level CMA, 6x #1 international best-selling author, and international speaker. Her goal is to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with useful knowledge to help enhance their businesses. Randi’s passion for helping others lead her to run several Charity Gala’s.

Her strong business sense prompted her to create Business to Business events and the Toronto’s Women’s Expo. Randi has produced almost 60 #1 international best-selling authors with her book series, Empowering Women to Succeed, which has become a major success internationally.

Her expertise in networking, marketing, social media, email marketing, lead pages, digital marketing, building sales funnels, podcasting, book writing, publishing, and monetizing is helping others step up their game daily.

She has built organically an incredible following on social media and helps numerous people with their setup and marketing online. In her personal life, Randi is a blackbelt in karate and is a proud mom of four boys.

Randi shares how she knew she would be an entrepreneur.

4:08- Randi tells her story how she got started being an entrepreneur at an early age. Plus, she provides insight into what you do when you are 22 years old and dropped into a senior role in a company. Later, while raising four boys she was able to feed her entrepreneurial spirit.

13:30- A life changing event encouraged Randi to start the next chapter in her life. She shares how passion played a key role in her life.

15:20 – We discuss multiple streams of revenue.

17:16 – Randi talks about a project she wasn’t completely comfortable with but soon was going all out writing books. She believes everyone has a story to tell.

Hear options on creating/writing a book.

18:21 – Get your notebook out because Randi shares many options on how to create/write a book and why books are so important to entrepreneurs.

21:47 – Randi asserts that everyone has value and if you create a value list then you will see your story.

24:25 – The benefits of being a published author are discussed. Plus, she talks about how important it is to have an editor.

The difference between a hobby and having a business.

27:43 – She outlines the difference between having a hobby and having a business. Also, Randi explains that the mental income we thrive on does not always bring in revenue. Also, she discusses having the right people around you and how to find the right people.

32:34 – Further conversation on multiple streams of income and options available, which leads to the dangers of having multiple streams and what to watch out for.

Randi’s heartfelt message.

37:38 – Randi shares a heartfelt message she would like others to know that will help with their success.


Randi Goodman’s website: www.randigoodman.ca

Wealth Summit November 29th: www.wealthsummit.ca


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