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I started Fortura over 15 years ago and the company has evolved because business needs change.

Before Fortura, I worked for large corporations. I started from the bottom and worked my way up the ladder to senior positions.


 It’s scary thinking about going out on your own


One day I decided that I had so much knowledge and transferable skills it was time to set up my own company. Surely there were companies that could use my expertise in a consulting role.


It was time for me to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit and not just my intrapreneurial spirit.

So, you can see where I was headed and Fortura, my consulting company was born.

My trend gazing saw a niche that was not being satisfied so then I started a frozen food business that supplied the Health sector.

Humanistic Fare was born!

For 8 years I worked with Fortura clients and ran Humanistic Fare.  Humanistic Fare’s business model was structured so everything was out sourced.  This allowed me to continue to have clients.

Running my own business gave me good insight in understanding pain points for entrepreneurs and business owners.

The digital era has given us more tools to reach our clients/customers but it leads
to BIGGER questions.

Is my Website what it should be?

What Social Media Channels should I use?

How can I increase revenue and reach more customers/clients?

Do I need someone to run my Social Media Channels?

Where do I start to build a Marketing Strategy?

How can I differentiate myself from my competitors?

These  tough questions are what made me sell Humanistic Fare and focus on sharing my knowledge in digital marketing.

Hence, Fortura has a new face lift.


I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge so entrepreneurs and business owners can have their digital marketing questions answered.

Learn more about what we can do for your business.

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