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Meet Kristine Leadbetter, Producer and Host of “Lead Better with Kristine” (TV show and Podcast), Founder of the “Women’s Leadership Network”, and Business Development and Marketing Manager for Gowling WLG Hamilton. Kristine was also the Founder and former Host of the “DeGroote Women’s Professional Network”.

Kristine is a passionate leader with an innovative style that has allowed her to spearhead significant transformational initiatives throughout her roles. Kristine has over 13 years of experience specializing in marketing, communications, relationship development, brand and reputation management, strategy, and University advancement.

Kristine’s research specializes on women’s networks, leadership, reputation, and social capital. Since earning her Master of Communications Management in 2018 (McMaster ON, Syracuse NY), Kristine has been accepted for publication in JPC and accepted into the 2019 BledCom conference in Slovenia.

Kristine speaks on panels centered on leadership, change leadership and management, women’s empowerment, and mentorship. Kristine has been nominated three times for the Women’s Executive Network’s Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women awards (2017, 2018, 2019).

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0:00 – Our guest Kristine tells us her story and how she realized that linked in was a key component to her digital presence.

4:16- A conversation in discussing linked in.

5:35 – How social channels are powerful tools so you can connect with people and reduce barriers. Linked In is great for personal brands and business brands.

6:07 – How Linked In is a social channel but different than Facebook and Instagram. Plus, how Linked In has grown to offer more connectivity.

7:23 – Kristine’s advises everyone to limit how many social channels you use, but pick Linked In. She further explains why she is passionate about picking Linked In.

8:42 – Kristine gives us tips in what you need to consider on Linked In.

9:13 – A conversation about Linked In being the most trusted social channel and how endorsements build creditability

9:39 – Create an All-Star Profile and some things you should know.

12:36 – Top 4 areas in Linked In: 1. Head Shot 2. Header Photo 3. Name 4. Title

17:50 – Personal URL on profile discussion

20:20 – Kristine offers great suggestions on what you should include in your headline section.

24:05 – Tips on the ABOUT section.

31:05 – Skills and Endorsement section tips.

34:09 – How to increase your credibility is discussed.

37:47 – Conversation about Linked In not only for B2B businesses.

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