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Our guests are Viv and Tash from Ace the Gram all the way from New Zealand.

Viv and Tash have cracked the code of influencer marketing through social media, becoming powerful voices on Instagram through their business, Ace The Gram.
Viv and Tash focus on all things Instagram, including influencer marketing, giveaways and how to use Instagram to drive traffic to your website/product. The pair have over 200k net followers on their personal Instagrams and have worked with clients from 70 followers to 1.9 million followers across Australia, the USA, the UK, and New Zealand.

Since Viv and Tash are all about Instagram and they share great tips and insight on how businesses can use Instagram effectively to boost personal brands and get more leads, plus so much more.

Below are some of the topics that were discussed.

There are all kinds of good tips in the conversation so keep your ears open.

How COVID -19 is affecting how more people are engaging on Instagram [2:00]

How to boost your brand on Instagram [7:56]

Examples of how to increase your reach internationally and build a community in your own area. [9:50]

How Instagram is a great platform for real estate agents. [13:09]

Instagram projections for 2020 and how they have changed because of COVID – 19 [14:57]

How Instagram audience demographics are shifting and becoming broader. [18:54]

Viv and Tash share information about Influencers on Instagram and how to use their influence during COVID -19 [21:44]

How to get leads on Instagram and where Instagram fits in your sales funnel. [25:50]

Why brands should use stories and examples of how to be effective. [32:26]







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