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Want to know more about podcasting? Then you must hear Amanda Cupido’s journey into the podcasting world. Her passion and knowledge of podcasting is inspiring. Amanda’s shares information that is valuable to anyone that is thinking about starting a podcast or already has one.

0:00 – Amanda’s Bio – an award- winning podcast producer and the author of Let’s Talk Podcasting: The Essential Guide to Doing It Right

2:00- Hear Amanda’s story how she became an entrepreneur and loved telling stories which led her to doing podcasts.

4:45 – Amanda shares how she was able to create her 1st major podcast, which was a serialized, mini series in an intrapreneurial role.

7:45 – She shares how you should never not pitch your ideas and how corporations that give space to their employees are the successful businesses.


9:10 – Hear some podcasts stats and potential growth rate. Plus, how podcasts are transitioning and where people listen to podcasts.

14:45- Discussion if podcasts are at a saturation level and the future of podcasts.

16:50- How You Tube has progressed and how podcasts differ or are similar.


17:18- Discussion on if there is a magical length of time a podcast should be.

22:05 – Advertising podcasts on social and what role social media might have in the future of podcasts.

23:50 – Amanda shares the first steps to take before recording.

25:27- Penny encourages Amanda to talk about her book so we can learn more about starting a podcast. Tons of great tips!!

29:04 – Amanda shares invaluable information on understanding your listeners and finding out who they are.

31:50 – Hear Amanda’s inspirational message to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.


Amanda’s twitter account : acupido 
Amanda’s website: www.amandacupido.com

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