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Janice Savage gives us insight into starting a business and the importance of belonging to a business support group.
Janice discusses five lifestyle management solutions and how small changes in these areas can bring harmony to your life.  You can still be busy but busy doing the things you love.

00:00 BIO: Janice Savage is the Founder of Savvy Concierge and is a professional Lifestyle Manager. Janice helps busy people find time they could only dream of having.  Her excellent organization skills and take-charge attitude makes a big impact when you need another hand. Besides getting everyone organized, she has spearheaded many fund-raising events.  Janice recognized that by making small changes in her life she could have more time with her family.  Now, with Savvy Concierge, she can provide that opportunity to others.

Janice shares when she knew it was time to start a second career.

2:26 – Janice describes when she realized it was time to have a second career and how her entrepreneurial spirit came forward. Plus, she describes how she identified her strengths which helped her decide.

5:16 – Also, Janice talks about getting out of your comfort zone and how important it is to find a mentor or group.

7:00 – Janice gives us insight into her membership with BNI (Business Networking International) and how the group helps her grow her business and supports her personally.

First steps of starting her business.

11:50 – Hear what Janice says were her first steps to starting her business.

14:15-  Also, Janice talks about how important her consultation is to her business and how people needs are so diverse.

Five Lifestyle Management Solutions

17:40 – The Five Lifestyle Management Solutions are the pillars that create the biggest stress in lives. If you are feeling stress or pressure in one of these areas, then a little bit of help can make a world of difference.
These pillars are:
1. Home organization
2. Office organization
3. Moving management
4. Errand List
5. Senior Support

24:45 – We have more discussion about the insurance coverage required for her type of company.

26:10 – We discuss how to cope when you are having a bad day and your clients are also stressed. Janice explains how she feels it is an honour to work with her clients.

30:00- Janice shares how she knew she made the right choice to start her business.

Janice’s message to other entrepreneurs

31:21 – Listen to Janice’s important message for people starting their business.

Janice’s website: www.savvyconcierge.ca
BNI -Business Network International :  https://www.bni.com/about
Insurance Company: http://www.mycoreinsurance.com/
Professional Organization Association: https://www.organizersincanada.com/about/index.html

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