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Adel Spraggon brings us an amazing technique to understand our behavioural patterns and how we can deconstruct these patterns to get rid of anxiety, panic attacks, impostor syndrome, and more.  By deconstructing our patterns, we can remove barriers, so we can live a life that we dream of living.

Adel Spraggon Bio:

As an inspiring thought leader in personal empowerment, Adele speaks to hundreds of people about how to turn their personal patterns into their personal profits.  By combining the latest findings in neuroscience with the ancient wisdoms of meditation, Adele shows people how to transform subconscious patterns, so they can break through their limiting blocks and step into leadership roles in all areas of their lives.

Adele tells us about starting three businesses

2:00 – Adele openly tells us her story about  how she started with three businesses and rapidly quit all three successful businesses. She suffered from panic attacks for ten years and had a cycle of quitting.  It was the morning after she quit her third successful business that she recognized she was following a pattern. However, not in the same way we traditionally think of patterns. Adel further explains the insights she had that morning.

Adele explains how beneficial it is using the repatterning technique

6:00 – Adele explains that this repatterning technique not only works for panic attacks but for anything that is stopping you from reaching your goals. People pleasing, impostor syndrome, work life balance, and handling you business can all get in the way of solving problems.

6:46 – We discuss how technology and the speed of today’s world can adversely affect our patterns.

Adele explains the four steps to deconstruct a pattern

9:41 – Penny asks Adele to tell us about her book, so we can learn how to break down our patterns. Adele explains the four steps needed to deconstruct a pattern. She takes Penny through a pattern she needs to break so you can see an example how the technique works.

24:25 – Penny asks a two-fold question: does Adele ever feel stress now and does it get quicker to understand the pattern?

Adele suggests to make your next goal bigger

25:58 – Adele states that once life becomes peaceful and effortless then you can set your goal bigger. She has an appealing message that defines why this process is so important.

29:00 – Adele tells us how she recently had a pattern that stopped her from creating her blogs and how she resolved this blockage using her technique.

Listen to Adele’s heartfelt message to all of us

31:00 – It concludes with a message from Adele that all women must hear!


Adele’s website:  https://www.adelespraggon.com/

Adele’s book, Shift: 4 steps to Personal Empowermenthir: available on her website

John Dillon Haines You Tube, Neuroscience and Free Will: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M95uWYP2Z

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