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Joining us this week is Agnes Kiesz who is very talented photographer who shares her story and why niche marketing is so important. Plus, Agnes let’s us know when you should or should NOT discount your services.

00:00 – Bio: Guest Agnes Kiesz – Pure Studios

Agnes Kiesz is a professional photographer specializing in portraiture, both business and personal.She started learning the art of photography at 18. She founded her own business, Pure Studios, after leaving the world of television.

Ever since, she has helped countless professionals create their personal brand through imagery. She has photographed CEO’s and executives, TV personalities and many, many entrepreneurs who need strong visual branding.

Her motto is ‘let’s capture the pure you’, because whether she’s taking your business or personal photographs, she wants to capture your true, genuine spirit.

Below are some highlights and topics discussed on the podcast.

3:13- Agnes discusses how most people don’t like getting their pictures done.

4:21- Agnes shares how her business got started, the process she used, and the importance of coaches and mentors.


11:20- We discuss picking a niche and how scary that it can be. However, after you pick your niche your business will grow faster.

12:50- Agnes let’s us in on how she determines her pricing structure.

13:30- She suggests that speaking to mentors in the same business along the way will give you confidence to move forward.


14:50- We share a good chuckle about how social media is a big image beast and how we use our husbands to take photographs.  She also mentioned we should watch on You Tube – Instagram Husbands.

16:30- We discuss how niches and what their needs are give you an understanding of packages. Agnes explains that many businesses need on- going pictures so they like packages.


19:00- Discount or NOT to discount?  I love how Agnes explains how service industries must be careful not to devalue what they have to offer.  I won’t even try to explain it here because she does such a wonderful job.  After you hear Agnes’s position you will be much more informed about  when a discount might be an option.

24:50- Agnes shares what happens when she is not having a good day, but still has a photo shoot to do.

28:57- We discuss Instagram and how to prevent IG burnout. Listen to Agnes’s process to save you a ton of time.

33:00- Agnes answers my traditional question to end on… What message do you want to share with all women that you think they need to know that will help them in their business?
Agnes shares something that will leave you thinking about your business in a new way.


To find more about Agnes, please visit her amazing website. http://www.purestudios.co/
The before and after pictures are fun to see but make sure you watch the carousel images on the front page too.

Also follow Agnes on:

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/pure.studios/
Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/PureStudiosPhoto

Link to instagram husbands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFzKi-o4rHw   It was hilarious, though I’m not sure my husband found it as funny as I did.


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