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What the heck is a customer avatar?  Well avatar is one of those new buzz words marketers are using but all it means is  “WHO IS YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER” What characteristics does your ideal customer have?

There are multiple reasons why businesses need to know their customer avatar.  But the most important is that without a clear understanding you will not know the best way to drive marketing to your ideal customer.

Most businesses can quickly state demographics of their ideal customer. That is the basic part but understanding who they truly are as a person will give you better understanding how to reach that ideal customer base.

Who wants to spend their marketing budget on areas that are not reaching their customers?  Of course no one wants to waste their time and money. Knowing your ideal customer will help you spend your budget more wisely.

3 STEPS To Determine Your Customer Avatar- Ideal Customer Profile

1. The first and easiest step is determining the demographics, sex, age, education level, income level, marital status, occupation, religion, and average family size of your ideal client.

2. Here is the big step, determine your ideal customer’s psychographics.  This means understanding their values, attitudes, interests and lifestyle.

3. The final step is giving your ideal customer a name and writing out their story.  Find a picture that perfectly depicts that customer profile. Then, your ideal customer is more relatable.

Please note that some businesses will have more than one customer avatar.

Ideal Customer

Let’s dive a little deeper so you can determine who your ideal customer is by following these steps.
I won’t go into demographics as they are more self explanatory.
Although, psychographics can take some thought.

The first time I worked on my customer avatar form to determine my ideal customer for my business I got stuck on values. So, I checked out the web and searched for a list of values.  I found a list of 400 values and that just muddied up the water more.

So here are 20 values to help you get started.

Integrity, honesty, balance, persistence, efficiency, kindness, happiness, silliness, sincerity, reputation, strength, teaching, trust, warmth, wisdom, uniqueness, spontaneity, thoughtfulness, beauty, curiosity.

When looking at attitudes you can get really deep as well.  But on the surface you should determine if your ideal customer is positive, negative or neutral to what you are offering. Do they have certain beliefs that you will have to overcome or can reinforce.

Interests should not  apply to just your business.  It should be a total list of interests your ideal customer has.  This may support your business partnering with another company you ideal customer believes in.  This also holds true to lifestyle characteristics.

I have gone over the steps super quick but do take the time to sort out your customer avatar.


If you plan on advertising on any digital platform this form will help you spend your advertising dollars more wisely.

Of course if you have any questions then send us a note so we can help.

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