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Natalie Cousins shares her 6 Pillars to Success that she uses to help real estate agents grow their business. However, the 6 pillars can be used as a basis for growing other types of businesses as well.

 BIO:  Natalie Cousins is a Real Estate Agent, Business Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and mentor globally. She Transforms Real Estate Agents career and business with her 6 Pillar Systematic Processes to enhance your Visions, Goals, and Marketing to Standout, get Repeat Clients, Referrals, to deposit more money in your bank account!

1:15 – Hear Natalie Cousin’s story how she became a real estate agent and discovered systems to grow her own business and other people businesses.

11:20 – Natalie starts explaining why she came up with 6 Pillars and the mindset changes that are required to be a successful real estate agent.


15:50 – Also, how to create a vision and how to set goals. Hear how to make a vision board with intention.


21:50 – Learn how important it is to develop a Business Financial plan to determine funds needed to achieve success.


27:00- Natalie goes over marketing required to be successful. Hear how technology has changed how a real estate agent would market their brand compare to even 2 years ago.


36:10- In this pillar there is discussions on Productivity and Time Management. Natalie shares some her time management processes.


39:30 – Natalie states the next pillar is understanding your Sales Funnel and how it works to continue getting referrals.


41:42 – Customer Service and Customer Retention is part of Pillar #6. In this pillar we hear Natalie explain how this step is so important for continued success.

46:28 – Hear Natalie’s message to people in business on how to be successful

47:38 – Links to how you can connect with Natalie.



WEBSITE:  https://nataliecousins.com/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/workwithnataliecousins/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/WorkWithNatalieCousins/

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