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Recently I was talking to some friends about Instagram and some of the processes. It is a great social media channel but sometimes things go a little astray. That is what made me thing about some basic etiquette that I see is not always followed.  I came up with 4 Tips for Instagram Business Etiquette that should be followed.

When you are representing your company there are some rules of etiquette that need to be followed. Of course there are rules of etiquette on your personal instagram feed too but on a business account you are the brand.

I am not talking about swearing.  There are brands that use swear words very effectively.  I am talking about NOT being rude. Sometimes crude is acceptable if it is the right audience but rude is a big No No.

Let me try to explain better.
Instagram is all about connecting with people and following people that have something  in common with you.  It is fun to share and engage.

A business Instagram account is not only about selling. It is about sharing and engaging.

With all that said there a some etiquette rules than must be followed for business accounts.

4 Tips for Instagram Business Etiquette

4 Tips for Instagram Business Etiquette

4 Tips for Instagram Business Etiquette


 1. REPLY 
When someone has liked a post of yours and took the time to comment you should comment back and thank them or extend some kind of nicety.
If you are short on time then at least press the heart reply.
I am not suggesting that everyone that follows deserve a reply from you. I am only speaking of comments.

Let’s say that a new person commented on your post and then started following you. They have opened up a conversation. If you met a new person on the street and they mentioned that they liked your hair would you just stare at them and not reply?   The next step of engagement is the reply.  Instagram world of etiquette means you go to the new persons feed and look over their posts.  Like the posts that interest you and then follow them.
You do this only when you feel the new persons post is what your brand also stands for.

Just like what Thumper’s mother taught him. ” If can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all.” Your brand should always be known for your kindness, thoughtfulness and helping others. Even when you have been attacked on instagram, Do Not Reply. Yes, this is one time when you don’t have to reply.  Generally the nasty people will just keep going so don’t add fuel to the fire.

 So you are probably wondering why I think over selling falls under etiquette.
 Your followers are taking their personal time to follow you and you must be respectful of their time. I am sure you have heard                     some  percentages of how many posts should be only on engagement and how many for selling.
The percentages are only a guide line.
If you are all about selling, then pay for ads and go for it.

If you follow these  4 Tips for Instagram Business Etiquette your brand should be looked on favorably.  After all, wouldn’t you want to treat your best friend in this manner?

Heads Up Information


Unfortunately there are some instagrammers whose sole intention is to drive their numbers up and follow 100’s of people a day and just press  follow.  They hope that you will follow them in kind and then days later they stop following you.  They have not taken the time to look at your posts and see if they connect to them. These are the people I am suggesting you DO NOT  need to comment back to or follow.


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