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2019 Business Plan Video and Worksheets

This video and workbook was created for small to mid sized businesses. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in business. Also, if you are thinking about starting a new business you could use the worksheets to get you started.

For years I developed business plans for big corporations and also for my own companies.  My process takes into consideration what I learned in large corporations and then I modified them to work for a smaller company.

There are 14 steps and each one has a worksheet for you to notate specifics about your company.

Make sure your print off the PDF worksheets so you can follow along with the video.

At the beginning I focus on visualizing  your dream and seeing where you want to bring your business.
This step is important because often as business owners we do not give ourselves the freedom to dream.  We can get caught up on the day to day business and get a narrow focus.

This plan focuses on the year ahead. However, it is good to have a plan for next year and perhaps a three and five year plan. The process asks for you to evaluate what happened  in the last twelve months to give you clear insight in what worked and didn’t work.

Share your filled out forms with someone that can hold you to your goals.

Writing down what is asked in each step will bring you clarity on possibilities. Also, you will  have attainable goals.
I also suggest that you go over your filled out forms with someone that understands your business.  Maybe your accountant or if you have a master mind group.  But, do share it with someone that will remind you about your goals and how you said you are going to achieve them. It is really good if you have an accountability partner.

Be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to list what didn’t work.  Of course we all put plans in place that we are sure will increase our revenue but sometimes they don’t work.  Admit it did not work and then move on.  Pay attention to what your clients/customers say about you.  Even if it is negative take that information to make your company stronger. 

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