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How Slider Emoji’s work on Instagram

I get so excited when Instagram adds a new feature like the slider emoji’s!  But so frustrated when I can’t find it on Instagram.

Have your read about the newest feature and for the life of you can not figure it out. …..  You are in good company.

So here is some helpful tips!!
NUMBER 1-  go to the APP Store and do an update—-  this will ensure you have the most up to date features.

The newest update is to make your stories even more engaging.  It is kind of like an upgrade of the poll feature.  The poll feature is super but only could reflect kind of a yes or no or an either/or answer.

With the new emoji slider it can reflect those grey areas of thought and a more emotional answer.  Now you can slide the emoji cursor over to show exactly how strongly you feel about the answer.


I am going to walk you through how to find the emoji slider.  Start by going to add a story.  I pulled up an image that I had on my phone.
See it looks pretty boring.  Notice, how my picture is not centered so I can add copy without covering my or my dogs face.



Click on Sticker icon. Look on top of screen and you see a square emoji which is the …sticker emoji.

Step #3

After you clicked the sticker emoji you will see the traditional stickers.  Scroll down to find the emoji with the slider.


Click on the emoji slider.

Notice how there is an area that you can fill in to ask your question.


It keeps getting better!!!
You can change the emoji to what works best for your question!!
In this example we changed it to a thumbs up.


Add more copy or emojis and have fun!!


Yes it even gets better!!!  Instagram will also tell you what everyone is feeling.  After your friends or followers have responded you can tap into your story and see the results.  How fun is that???

If you are having problems using this feature please don’t hesitate to ask for our help.  Leave a comment and we will see what we can do.
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