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Get ready for a jam-packed podcast that is filled with tips and examples of how to make your offer better!  Leigh doesn’t hold back with tips and examples that gives entrepreneurs insight in making their offer a success. Learn how to create a stronger brand and create a great experience for your ideal client.

 Guest Bio:

00:00 Leigh believes in content that converts and it is a strategy and not an accident by utilizing this strategy. She’s helped lots of clients leverage their book launches into the number one spot on Amazon was strategically attract more visibility for their business and lead generation and in media and speaking gigs and social proof. 

Leigh outlines what she will talk about on the podcast

1:41 – Creating momentum in your business and visibility dealing with Imposter syndrome and the fear of technology and all the things that kind of things that stop us from getting out there and getting more eyeballs on their content and on our offers and our services. 


 NUMBER 1 – TIMING  3:11 – Leigh describes why timing an offer is so important and what happens when we don’t listen and know when our ideal clients would like to see the offer. Penny and Leigh both shares great examples that can help entrepreneurs prevent them from making similar mistakes. 


9:11 – Leigh describes how indecision is a decision and how we set up barriers that reduce our success rate.


10:41 – Leigh explains how being visible and then not visible can be harmful. She gives us examples that are commonly seen when businesses decide to not continually nurture their community. Plus, how being disconnected is harmful. 13:11- Insight in how UK has assigned a Minister of Loneliness and how technology plays its part. As well as how you need an objective and follow metrics when using social channels.


14:26 – Leigh shares some great stats on online shopping and how important it is to think of the customer experience all along the way. She gives us a great example of how we can let people down and how we must examine each step. It comes down to the details and process if we want our offer to be accepted.


 16:06 – Leigh gives us examples of how we can unintentionally fall down on the ask and gives us suggestions on how to prevent this so we can get the sale.

 NUMBER 5 – A GOOD SALES PROCESS/FUNNEL 18:23 – There is a discussion on how all your marketing efforts can be great but if your sales process and tools are not in place it can be very disappointing. 22:24 – Hear some of the systems that Leigh uses for calendar functions and a landing page to have a successful offer.  Also, examples of how other businesses use certain platforms to satisfy more clients. 27:25 – Get clarity on nurturing points, and sales funnels options.

NUMBER 6 – IMPOSTOR SYNDROME CAN SNEAK IN 31:00 – A conversation starts on the impostor syndrome. Leigh is candid about her own experiences as a cyclists and metals from the National Canadian Cycling association and how she had not got on a bike for eight years. Then her journey to getting back on the bike and dealing with impostor syndrome. 35:38 – How impostor syndrome can affect many entrepreneurs and how there is a mindset shift. More importantly, Leigh shares tips on how to combat impostor syndrome and how she uses an evidence journal to prevent that slippery slide and one of her favorite books, Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod for inspiration. You will love to hear about how successful visualization can be and hear a current example.  42:54 – Hear how self-talk can be so damaging and what it takes to reverse it. 43:54 – Leigh gives an example about how to protect yourself from negative attitudes that can be damaging. 45:24 – Hear about Leigh’s 8 – 10 C’s for Content Marketing for Success and she has 67 Ways to Amplify. Plus hear several examples of how to build your street credibility for you brand. 


48:24 – More discussion on visibility and consistency and how important they are. Leigh tells us about her experience when she was to go live for the first time and what she went through. 52:48 – Leigh tells us how she needed a sabbatical after the death of her mother and how after the impostors started showing up again. Listen to her story and be inspired! A quote from this part of the podcast. “I want a business that supports me and being healthy, not alone and isolated and tired and overweight”  56:24 – Leigh shares her message to all entrepreneurs.


Ever wonder how experts can amplify their visibility, credibility, impact and tribe? Download Leigh’s handy resource, a downloadable checklist, 67 Ways to Amplify Your Street Cred: http://leighfowler.com/start/67ways 

Visibility Quiz – What is your visibility rating? http://www.leighfowler.com/ 

LEIGH’S BOOK IS SOLD ON AMAZON: https://www.amazon.ca/Ready-Amplify-Tribe-Visibility-Impact-ebook/dp/B07G7H456V

BOOK MENTIONED BY LEIGH: Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

A writer first, a content amplifier second, she has always created content to inspire, guide, teach and empower her audience with the insights and knowledge they need to find their voice, step into a bigger spotlight to inspire others and share their magic with the world.

Leigh Fowler is an online content strategist and firmly believes that content that converts is a strategy, and not an accident.

Two decades of experience in the publishing and marketing world both in both entrepreneurial and corporate capacities has taught her that good old-fashioned content marketing strategies work on all platforms, no matter how new or old.

Representing Canada on the National Cycling team in the 90’s taught Leigh that consistency, strategy, goal-setting, teamwork, desire, commitment and discipline are key in all areas of life, but also winning qualities to have as an entrepreneur, and even more important in a content plan!

Has published over 200 articles as a journalist, giving her the opportunity to interview Olympians, World Champions and other world-class athletes and business owners and work for a variety of publications around the world.

Author of Ready to Amplify. Tribe, Visibility. Impact. A 7-day pocket guide to amplifying your visibility, credibility and impact with feel-good content marketing strategies.    

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