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January brings change and time to assess what your business needs are to move forward.

It is not enough to come up with great initiatives if you don’t have the right people to execute them.

Companies understand the key to success is having right people with the right skills and they work well together.


Finally here are the 5 TIPS on PICKING the RIGHT PEOPLE for your TEAM

TIP #1
Assess who is part of the current team and list their skills and personality strengths and challenges.  There might be some obvious strengths and some short falls.

TIP #2
Discuss with each team member what they need to do a better job and if there are any barriers. Don’t ask if you are not willing to really listen. Most often they will offer great solutions.

TIP #3
Request each team member to do a personality test so they can see their strengths.  There are three tests that are very good.
1. Enneagram   2. Meyer Briggs  3. Strength Finders  ( Not in order of preference. I will be posting another write up for a comparison)

TIP #4
Review the test results which will give you a better idea of the dynamics of your team. If your team sometimes has conflicts then the personalty tests will give you insight in how to solve them. ( if you see that you have hired all the same type of people then that may not always work)

TIP #5
Determine what skills and personality traits are missing to strengthen the team.
Generally for small teams you will want more diverse personalities so there are different strengths brought to the team.
If you work in a bigger organization there might be an opportunity to move someone to strengthen a team that requires specific attributes.

Ensure the team always feels they are part of the process and their opinions are important.

Let me know if you want to add to the 5 Tips on Picking the Right People for your Team!  We can always use more suggestions!

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