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Do you hate getting you picture taken?
You are in good company.
But for some reason in today’s business world we all need professional business photos of ourselves. It could be for your Linked in profile or a company’s business website. Perhaps you are going to be a guest speaker and the event will be promoted.  Iphone selfie’s can only take you so far.

Recently I went through the process of getting professional business photos done.  It was way overdue.  I avoid having a picture taken of myself like the plaque so it was key to search for a photographer that I felt comfortable with. The other criteria was the photographer had to live in my area and fit in my budget.  So,  I had to take Annie Leibovitz off the list. (Too bad because that would be super amazing, but she is not in the Toronto area and does not fit in my budget!)

So, before I get ahead of myself I will start listing the process in point form so I don’t ramble on. But if you read this and need someone to talk to give you the confidence to get your business photos done, you know how to contact me.

 Tip #1

Do your home work before deciding a photographer. Ask friends and family if they know anyone and then investigate. Go on the web and search and check out the photographer’ instagram, Facebook, and Google business listing. Look at their previous work and testimonials. Testimonials will also tell you if they are easy to work with.

Tip #2

Pick a photographer that you immediately feel at ease with. They should have great photography skills but good people skills too. I bet Annie is a super great person. She could not of have taken those great portraits without being very relatable.

Tip #3

Search the web to see pictures of people’s pictures that connect with you.  Are they staring into space? Do they have a light or dark background? Is there a type of building in the background? You want the inner essence of who you are to be amplified. Are you a deep thinker or do you want to be portrayed as someone fun and approachable? (Approachable is your best bet. A smile won’t hurt!) Don’t forget to use props if it pertains to your brand.

Tip #4

Think about what you want to wear that day. Maybe try a couple of different looks and colours. If you have a brand colour you may want to consider that colour providing you look really good in that colour.
Gentlemen, make sure you don’t need a haircut and please shave or have your beard trimmed. Pants should be pressed and shirts not wrinkled.
Ladies, do what you need to do to feel confident. Consider having your hair and makeup done professionally. If there is an outfit that makes you look great then wear that one.

Tip #5

Have a friend attend the shoot day. It should be someone that has a mind for detail. They should check for things like your hair isn’t standing up or your belly isn’t exposing itself. The photographer should focus on getting the right shot, the right lighting and keeping you focussed. Plus, it can be fun having a friend.  They can help you get that natural smile.

These are what I learned from my professional photo shoot.  After you do it once it gets easier. I won’t wait so long to do this again.

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