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I have listed 10 tips for marketing ideas on a shoestring budget because I know It is tough to find marketing dollars when you are a start up or even when you have been in business for a while.
Whether you are offering a product, a service, an on-line or brick and mortar small business there are budget challenges.

However, marketing on line is no longer a nice to have, it is mandatory. People expect all brands to be represented somewhere on-line.

There may even be ZERO MARKETING DOLLARS because every cent has to go back into the core business.  Sound familiar? So, a shoestring budget is the only choice.  Creating on line marketing plan can be the cheapest way to increase your reach and grow your business.

There are great on-line options for marketing on a shoestring budget but they will use up some of your time. But you can cut down on time by reusing/recycling graphics/images multiple times.

 The key is using the same graphics/images in the content for many channels.

I am a big believer that everything starts with a blog. However most tips work well if you don’t have a blog. Then there is a bigger question ….Why don’t you have a blog?  We won’t go into that now!

A blog will go a very long way. It also gives you tons of opportunities to reach more clients on a shoestring budget  You do not have to be a super duper writer to create a blog.  Just write like you are having a conversation with your client/customer. Content from one blog that is only 250 -300 words can be used in multiple ways and reach out to cold and warm customers.

So here is how you use ONE BLOG  or ONE GRAPHIC to get maximum marketing on a SHOESTRING BUDGET


  1. Website– add blog which adds creditability to your brand and is of interest to clients/customers. Only need to have one image/graphic.
  2. Instagram– graphic from blog, and add story discussing blog content which leads them to your website for more information ( this can be the same as what you post on Facebook) Go one step further and have a video on IGTV.
  3. Facebook – an excerpt from blog that generates interest so the reader wants to go back to your website to get more information ( this can be the same as you post on Instagram) Plus, reuse the same graphic.
  4. You Tube – make a video that talks through the points on the blog or graphic theme. Mobiles have excellent cameras that can make great videos so use the phone you have. Don’t be shy. Be yourself.
  5. Twitter– let your readers know you got a new blog out or a new graphic theme.
  6. Newsletter- Mail Chimp lets you send out newsletters free to 200 people. Let your readers know you have a new blog or see the new graphic.
  7. Google Business Page– on your page you have an option to add in a promo piece- add blog title and/or same graphic.
  8. Pinterest– use a lovely picture and content that discusses blog and same graphic
  9. Linked In – post your blog title and again excerpt from blog and same graphic.
  10. Share your blog with other businesses and collaborate to get maximum exposure.

All these options for marketing on a shoestring budget and are free but do take up you time. Look through the options and pick out the ones that really will connect with your customers/clients. Plus, remember to use the same graphic/image pretty much everywhere.

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